A journey into the globe of mobile payments

India is seeing a digital revolution especially in the payment scene. The reason could to a great extent be credited to the approach and advancement of brilliant advances clearing an approach to new-age digital banking and mobile payment system in the country. Alongside this, Government and other administrative bodies in India are rolling out all the important improvements to move the nation from money based to less-money and at last to a cashless society.

Ascend in Mobile and Digital Payments

At a certain point of time mobile phones in India were viewed as a thing of extravagance, however now it has turned into a thing of utility making portable a minimal effort intend to get to digital payments.

Common Ways of Mobile Payments

QR Code-based Merchant Payment

QR Code payments are picking up force the same number of wallet organizations is depending on this method of computerized payment. It incredibly decreases the expense of trader set up as to POS terminal expense. Likewise the vendor boarding process is substantially easier in QR-Code based payment.

How to functions?

Each merchant wallet has a related QR Code. The QR code sticker is ordinarily shown at the money counters.

For making the payment, the customer scans the QR code through their mobile wallets, enter the specific amount and choose to pay through the money in their wallet.

After the completion of the payment, an SMS or in-app notification is sent to the merchant and the customer.

UPI Payments

Every client will get a one of a kind ID from the UPI which will go about as his/her payment address. Assets would then be able to be exchanged electronically utilizing portable and the novel ID.

  • Customer will login to UPI app as given by the Payment Service Provider (PSP).
  • Customer enters the amount and the merchant’s information
  • Authentication of the transaction by the customer using MPIN
  • PSP will process the transaction through the UPI network and authorize by the customer’s bank
  • The customer and the merchant get a payment notification
  • The merchant now logs into the UPI app and request a payment by entering the customer’s payment address and the amount.
  • PSP processes the transaction through NPCI and sends an authorization requests to the customer

Client at that point endorses the payment. Exchange is prepared by charging the client’s record, crediting the shipper’s record and giving an exchange warning to both the dealer and the client

USSD Payments

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data based portable managing an account service from NPCI that unites differing biological system partners, for example, Banks and Telecom Service Providers.

Fund Transfer using Mobile Number and MMID – User can transfer fund using MMID and Mobile number of the Beneficiary.

Fund Transfer using IFSC and Account Number – User can transfer fund using IFS Code and Account number of the Beneficiary.

Fund Transfer using Aadhaar Number – User can transfer fund using Aadhaar number of the Beneficiary


With the ongoing demonetization drive, E-Wallets organizations in India have gotten a colossal push. You can include cash in your e-wallets from your bank by means of credit/debit cards or net banking which at that point can be utilized to make payments. E-wallets or mobile wallets are virtual wallets enabling clients to pay for nearly everything without exception. Dominant part of wallets are closed wallets i.e. cash transference between individuals with a similar wallet or payments at vendors can be made who are approved to acknowledge from that specific e-wallet.

World is going quicker step by step with the intensity of advanced data and innovation. The world is differing – an ever increasing number of administrations are being made accessible on the web, from booking train tickets, making a physical checkup and doing the week after week shop to encourage instruction, advancing your business and web based managing an account.

As E Wallet assumes a forceful job in the present business world, Roamsoft built up a digital wallet platform, R Pay with mobile amicable highlights, very much archived API s, modules that suits all major Ecommerce platforms. On the off chance that you need to procure your own digital wallet solution, at that point R Pay is the correct decision.

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