What support do I get?

We will provide lifetime free support but the support will not be provided when the code is edited by the client.

Is the platform open source?

No, the platform is not open source.

Will I get help in Installation of the platform?

Yes. We will provide installation.

Is it onetime payment process??

Yes, this is a onetime payment process. It will be charged when you need customization.


What about server requirement?

We will provide suggestions regarding server requirement.

Who will provide the server?

Client has to provide the server.

Who will keep up the server maintenance?

We will maintain the server.


Is API can be integrated?

Yes, API can be integrated.

Are we provided third party Integration?

Yes we provide third party integration.

Is all API secure?

Yes, all API is secured as we use kong microservice architecture

Will I get help API Provider?



Who will provide play store Account?

Client has to provide play store account.

Who will get approval of play Store?

We will take care of play store approval.

Who will update the play store apps?

We will update the play store apps.